The Present Set of Mind will not be Adequate for the 21st Century Kids

The brain that we possess is indeed a complex set. There are two sides of this—left and right. Though most people think that since the brain functions as a whole and helps us to think, learn, understand, communicate, express emotions, face challenges, solve problems, etc. there cannot be two sides of a brain functioning differently. But, contrary to the popular perception both these sides have distinct traits and personalities. Each hemisphere has its own style of functioning and hence behaves in a different way.

Taking into consideration the challenges and situations that the children of today have to face, both the sides of brain need to be active. It is simply because, if any of these parts is left behind, the young mind will find it difficult to cope with the (enormous) challenges. But, before we try to more about the left and right side of brain, it is essential for us to know the specific instincts, each side of our brain deals with.

The RIGHT BRAIN: The right brain pertains to intuitive and visual learning. It is connected to:

  • Imagination
  • Emotions
  • Art & Music Awareness
  • Creativity

The LEFT BRAIN: The left brain performs tasks that pertain to logic, such as:

  • Analytic Thought
  • Logic
  • Reasoning
  • Science and Math
  • Number Skills

After looking through the tasks of both the brains, any one will have little doubt to understand that left brain activation is very very important. Competition, tests and critical thinking make the right hand dormant, or less functional than it should be. But, it can be activated to the desired level, if it is subjected to learning. The WHOLE BRAIN SYNERGY becomes possible with the coordinated effort to maintain the both sides of the brain equally active.

The brain of a child absorbs information (right brain), then organizes it (left brain), then express it emotionally as well as practically (the whole brain). And this is the reason why the entire brain balance is possible through “right brain education”. Therefore, the new way to learn has become the need of the hour.


Young children tend to have enormous right brain abilities. However, it is important to note that developing the right brain is something that is achieved with great effort and perseverance. If the right brain of a child does not develop, his or her speed of learning decreases significantly as he progresses in age. If nothing is done to train the right brain, the special right brain abilities become less and less functional with each passing year and becomes dormant, especially after 10 years of age. Till the time the children reach their adulthood, only a small percentage of them become able to retain the active right brain naturally. Therefore, needless to mention; the earlier we start to develop the right brain, the more beneficial it will be.

In the critical period of their age (0-10 years), the children need to be trained properly so that they can develop and retain the right brain abilities. If they are adequately trained, their natural right brain capabilities will be strengthened and sharpened and they will be able to apply them in a scientific way as they progress in age. The right brain possesses imaginative and intuitive abilities. The right brain has the ability to process enormous amount of information at very high speed coupled with great memory retention capacity. On the other hand, the left brain is meant to control speech and language acquisition, logic and reasoning capacity, sequential abilities and analytical understanding. In addition to these, it does also process information, though at a slower pace. The effective Right Brain Education Method helps to synergize both sides of the brain by stimulating both parts of the brain simultaneously and thereby enlarging the whole brain capacity of the child and making them learn more efficiently and effectively.

It is important for the students to learn the right brain development together in group. It is simply because when they learn it in group, they get the opportunity to interact with the student of almost same age group who think alike and get benefit with each other’s preparation and training. The children, who get regular right brain and whole brain training in early years, become able to apply their learning capabilities in almost all areas of study when they reach primary school years and beyond.

A well-rounded education aimed at activating both sides of the brain enables a child to make his presence felt in a wide range of subject matters which include but not limited to the academics, arts, music, sports.

“Every Child is Talented; what is Needed is Right Thing at Right Moment.” —Gullybaba Kids