Wondering why Name GULLYBABA?

It is said that a name defines the core of who you are. The name Gullybaba also is the biggest testament of who we are, what we do and what we strive for
The very name Gullybaba is a combination of two words, viz., ‘Gully’ and ‘Baba’. The word ‘Gully’ comes from the ancient game played in India–Tip cat. In Hindi we call it Gully Danda ” गुल्ली डंडा ” which symbolizes Focus & Fitness. The term ‘Baba’ stands for respect or endearment. It is used to an elderly-aged person whose wisdom and experience is well respected. In India, it is a widespread belief that unless you have respect for those who are wise, you cannot attain wisdom. Here are the details of all these ingredients:


In the play Gully Danda, focus plays a pivotal part. Even if the force is applied, but focus is not taken care of, there is every chance that the Gully will take more elevation and less distance. And this will result into catching the Gully by the opposing team and subsequently the hitter will lose his turn. Same is true in the field of education. Hard work without focus is like thought without action, which bears no fruit. Hard work with focused approach yields the required result.


When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, strength cannot be experienced and wealth becomes useless. The word “Fitness” used as the Punchline of Gullybaba refers to both physical as well as mental fitness. Physical fitness is the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively. It comprises health-related fitness and skill-related fitness. Mental fitness is the ability to have healthy and robust mind to handle the challenges—both related to study and day-to-day. Fitness is the most important aspect in the play known as Gully Danda or Tip Cat. The more is the fitness, the more distance the Gully will travel. Simply put, you will be able to hit gully with more power.


The word “Baba” in “Gullybaba” refers to teacher. In India, there is an old precedence of calling Baba to a teacher, guide, the mentor. There is a folklore in India, “Bin Guru hoi na gyan” meaning wisdom or knowledge is not possible without a Guru(Baba). In this way, the very meaning of the term Gullybaba is force, focus and respect(for teachers, for elders and for everyone), the three most essential components for achieving excellence in education. We at Gullybaba sincerely believe that our brand is our name and our nameis what keeps us moving.

What our Happy Clients Say

Think about the FAQs about the kind of stories the children of today want to hear, the activities they want to perform, the games they like the most and the brain-sharpening exercises that will activate their thought process, and you will get answer of all these right here right now. I do not have to say anything more.

Tarun Sharma

After going through the website, I thought I could not have asked anything more. Right from posters to puzzles, everything worth paying attention and introducing these to the apples of your eye. This is the website, every kid will relate to and learn.

Pankaj Gupta

Right from its Mascot to Manners that it teaches to the children I liked it all. We parents do want to inculcate virtues in our children, but we seldom get time to teach all these. After going through the website, I felt as if Gullybabakids have taken our roles and responsibilities.

Anita Verma