Gaate Gun-Gunate Gullybaba

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Key Specifications:
Book : Gaate–Gungunate Gullybaba
Author : Ajay Devrishii
ISBN : 978-93-88149-75-4
Binding : Paperback
Publisher : Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
Number of Pages : 43
Language : Hindi
Edition : 2019


Children and parents love to read Gaate Gun-Gunate Rhymes together. When children recite rhyme, smile automatically comes on the face of children. Rhymes book are always pleasure to read. Nursery Treasury is a beautifully illustrated book inviting children aged 3+ to explore the magical world of Nursery Rhymes. 

2 reviews for Gaate Gun-Gunate Gullybaba

  1. Sofia (verified owner)

    This book is a big source of “Infotainment” to say the least. Each and every book is hilarious, informative as well.

  2. Samar (verified owner)

    A book that stirs the minds of my kids and help them ask so many questions based on the stories. Thanks.

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