Pre-School Child

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Book : Pre-School Child
Author : Dinesh Verma
ISBN : 978-93-81970-60-7
Binding : Paperback
Publisher : Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
Number of Pages : 102
Language : English

Edition : 2019

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The book ‘Pre-School Child’ will help you in preparing your child to learn and to get ready for school effectively. It provides suggestions for how to regulate your child’s TV viewing and to choose good TV programmes & videos and how to choose suitable child care centre/s. It is for all those families and care givers who want to help their pre-school children to learn and to develop the skills necessary for success in school and in life.

2 reviews for Pre-School Child

  1. Umang

    I had never thought even in my wildest dream that parenting of a pre-school child will be that difficult. And this is the reason I have this book. “Wonderful” if I have to say about this book in one word.

  2. Akarsh Taneja

    How can one author with very minimum exposure to teaching children at classrooms can write such a wonderful book, after reading this book, I started thinking.

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