Cushion 2in1 with Soft inner filler with Enjoy Your Moment Quote White Color (11×11 inch)

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Key Specifications:
Product Name- Cushion
Brand – Gullybabakids
Type – Cushion
Material – Cotton
Product Size – 28 x 28 cm
Product weight – 200 gm
Edition – 2019
Product Code – CUSWB0031


Gullybaba presents this adorable and beautifully shaped cushion. Cushion made from finest quality materials to give support to your lumbar area. With the use of this cushion, your postural alignment will become right and hence you will be saved from neck and shoulder pain.
Apart from making your posture right, the cushion will also help imprint virtues in the subconscious minds of your kids. By just watching these pillows with their curious eyes, they will learn the importance of sitting at the right posture, meditation, etc.
The cushion can be used to decorate any room whether placed on the bed, sofa or play area. The cushion is extremely soft and can be used to add fun to kids room decor. It is extremely fluffy and kids would love to hug it.

Material Used
Premium polyester
Sublimation transfer
Water proof fiber
Machine washable

Key Features:
Soft and comfortable cushion
Suits well as home furnishing and decoration
Great for gifting purpose
Created from premium materials for fluffiness and softness

3 reviews for Cushion 2in1 with Soft inner filler with Enjoy Your Moment Quote White Color (11×11 inch)

  1. Ratan Lal

    I seriously do not know about the other products of yours, but what prompted me to write review is your cushion. Value for money

  2. John Shergill

    Though it is for kids, but I liked it so much that even I slept…not slept …just rested my head on this cushion and felt the comfort.

  3. Abhishek Sharma

    I loved the concept of the pillow and so did my 3yr old daughters. It is made of soft fabric and the finishing is also neat. It is worth the purchase

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