Environmental Awareness

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Key Specification:

Product name – Jigsaw Puzzle
Type – Educational Puzzle
Brand name – Gullybaba Kids
Age – 5-13 years
Used material – 2MM Kappa Board
No. of Pieces – 9
Size – 7.5 x 7.5 Inches
Language – English
Edition – 2019


The key of a clean and green planet is in your own hands

This puzzle will make the children aware about the environment they live in. Apart from sowing the seeds of respect for the environment, this puzzle will also encourage them to make their surroundings neat and clean. Respect for plants and nature will get imprinted in their subconscious mind and natural love for the Nature will get developed.

Material Used :
2MM Kappa Board Art Paper 157Gsm Four Colour Printing On Comory Machine , Hot Gloss Lamination , Lazer Die Making & Die Cutting

Key Features

  • Easy 2 piece puzzles which will keep kids engaged
  • A range of educational toys introducing basic concepts to the beginners
  • Develops imagination, coordination, visual learning
  • Enhances memory skills through fun-filled activities

2 reviews for Environmental Awareness

  1. Manjari

    If you love environment, you will definitely love this puzzle. Love to have that wonderful card in my kids’ room.

  2. Alpesh

    The best way to teach your children the importance of preserving nature. I loved everything about this puzzle.

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