Roommate Posters

Key specification:
Product name – Roommate Posters
Type – Posters
Brand name – Gullybaba Kids
Age – 7-17 years
Used material – Paper
Size – 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Language – English

Category: Product ID: 1124


These posters introduce different kinds of important topics, like Life Skills, Yoga, Achievers and Non-achievers, etc. Our posters are specially designed to give those skills a boost.

2 reviews for Roommate Posters

  1. Suveer

    The reason I am writing review of this poster because I liked the name “Roommate” in this postre. It should be in the room of every child.

  2. Mahika

    You need not tell how much importance does Yoga have even for children and how simple activities can supplement their health if you have this postre for your child.

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