Preschool Preparation – Keeping Robust Foundation of Golden Future

So, your child is ready for school. Apprehensions of uncertainty are likely to appear in the minds of parents. The parents are quite worried about the future of the child. The development of academic skills should not be priority, especially at this stage. In this initial stage of primary preparedness, parents and teachers must emphasise upon shaping emotional competence and sharpening social skills of little one’s heart.

As a responsible parent, it is your duty to make your child familiar with some basic rules and civic senses. Discipline and good behaviour are the cornerstones of a successful life. Although home is the first school of the child, where he or she learns talking, but preschool provides exposure and allows the child to communicate with children of the same age group.

Small kids are sceptical about new environment and settings. School is a new place and fellow students, teachers are strangers. It is quite challenging for kids to step out of their comfort zone – “Lapel of parents.” Following steps can prove to be helpful when your child is preparing for his/her first steps in the school.


  • Making the kids acquainted with basics – Tell your children about the reasons for attending school, the importance of education in life. The children must understand the importance of discipline. The parents must teach them to be polite and use humane words. They must start the practice of greeting others.
  • Enquire about the feelings – Some children are quite excited about this new venture whereas many children are reluctant to start this new journey. If your child is expressing any concern or doubt, resolve the problem. Encourage your child by highlighting the positive aspects of spending time in school. Eliminate the feeling of nervousness from their heart. Reassure them that you are always present by their side. Make them realise that it will be a golden opportunity to make new friends.

  • Make suitable arrangement beforehand – Good company in school ensures mental tranquillity. Encourage your children to enjoy the association of their classmates. Proper exposure also enhances the communication skills of the child. Try to develop some basic and necessary physical skills such as drawing with a pencil, using scissors, etc.
  • Role of television – Take out some time to watch high quality, informative shows with children. Discuss the essence of program with your kids and enable them to funnel out meaningful information. Ensure that programs are age-appropriate. Television can play an instrumental role in widening the viewpoint and mentality of young innocent minds. Children love to watch television shows. Parents must encourage the children to watch shows that promote a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. Parents must inspire children to help others and embrace ethical choices.

Television programs and videos that share good social message can effectively instill moral values in your child. It also delivers better academic outcomes in the long run.

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