Parents I need You, Now I am Adolescent

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Book : Parents I Need You, Now I Am Adolescent
Author : Dinesh Veerma
ISBN : 978-93-81970-07-2
Number of Pages : 154
Binding : Paperback
Publisher : Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.
Language : English
Edition : 2019

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Parents I Need You ,Now I Am ADOLESCENT.

‘Parents I need you, now I am an adolescent’, is every adolescents urge to their parents. Teenage is the most complex stage of human life. At this stage a child not only undergoes many emotional changes in life but also experience hormonal and other changes. Suddenly they find themselves aloof not fitting in the group of adults and neither linking being called a child.

They tend to drift apart from everything but the truth is that this is the time when they need their parents the most. Read our book to learn how to get involved at this phase of your child’s life. Communication is the key and this book teaches you its essence. Stand beside your child at their most crucial phase seeking guidance from this book.

2 reviews for Parents I need You, Now I am Adolescent

  1. Adhrit

    I am told that parenting adolescent is tougher than being a rocket scientist. But, this book has strengthened my level of confidence.

  2. Sushmita

    Now, I can understand how tense my parents might be when I was an adolescent. At least, I have this book to better my parenting.

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