5 Steps to make the Homework of your Child free from Boredom

One of the most Frequently Asked Questions that come from the parents of today is: my child does not want to do homework. And instead of finding the reason of the dislike, they start feeling dejected. A sizeable number of them become fearful of the future their children and start blaming their spouse, friends, schools, teachers, surroundings, so on and so forth. A simple Homework-fobia snowballs into something career-threatening menace for the most number of parents.
Given below are the 5 steps to Hassle-free Homework:

  • Do Away with Distractions: It is one of the most important steps to know among the 5 steps for hassle-free homework. Mind, you cannot say to your child: do not do what I do, do what I teach you to do. You will always fail if you try to make them behave in a certain way by preaching and not by practising. The parents can make their children immune to any kind of screen addictions (computer, mobile,TV, etc.), by not getting addicted to it themselves. Therefore, you yourself use mobile, computer, television, etc. judiciously before asking your child to do so.
  • Try to Understand the Learning Method of your Child: As a parent it is your duty to deal with the learning disabilities of your child, if any. Some children face difficulties in understanding what is being taught to them, as they have some hearing difficulties, some do not copy in their notebook what is written in whiteboard, because they have some vision problems, some do not answer a question because they have some speech problems, or they are not able to pronounce some words naturally. Likewise, some students start fearing with some teachers due to some previous punishments that they receive from those teachers and hence their natural learning abilities get stopped in the classes taken by those teachers. If your child often gives completing the homework of a particular teacher a miss, instead of yelling at your child, you should try to find out its reason. This is one of the most crucial steps among the 5 steps for hassle-free homework.
  • Create a Creative Workspace for your Child: A creative workspace is very important to avoid distractions and begin homework with full concentration.  In 5 steps for hassle-free homework, it is one of the most important steps. You need not make a high-tech office, but try to make it commodious, airy, with adequate light. Just make sure that all the reading/writing stuff is just at his hands’ reach. If the child does not find any book or pen near him, the chances are that the moment he will get it from your room, he will lose his interest in reading. Apart from these, one thing that worths mentioning here is that you should not allow your child to put toys and school bag together. It is simply because, when they decide to work and find toys on their school bag, the natural urge to study dies down and the feelings of playing  starts dominating.  According to a recent study, it has been established that the child with creative workspace tends to be regular in doing his or homework.
  • Do not Rely on Home Tutors: Home tutors have mushroomed these days. Nowadays, homeworks are meant for home tutors, by and large. Those household who engage a home tutor, make a grave error because their children start becoming heavily dependent on that teacher. They do not try any homework on their own. Instead, every question that comes in their homework, they redirect it to their respective teacher. And ultimately, they take away the analytical power of the students and make them devoid of their intellectual abilities. It is better to purchase help books from a reputed publisher than to resort to employing a home tutor.
  • Make your Child feel Utterly Comfortable: Be it homework or problem related to anything else, you cannot know the reason of the problem, unless you make your child comfortable with yourself. If the child becomes comfortable with you, your work will be lessened considerably. Within no time, you will be able to find the reason of an ongoing problem and may be the solution. Your child will tell the reason why homework/some of homework/ homework of a particular teacher troubles him or her. And once you know the reason, finding the solution will become quite easy. It is rightly said that fault recognised is half corrected. So, do not let homework of your child become troublesome. Just get involved, know the reason and make your child one of the most intelligent students in his or her class.

It is important here to note that the 5 steps to Hassle-free Homework mentioned above include but not limited to the steps involved in hassle-free homework.

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