Elementary art lesson for kids (Creative, Fun And Easy)

Importance of Arts Education for Kids

Researches conducted on kids have made it quite clear that arts benefits kids in several critical ways, like boosting their self confidence, improving their mental health, activating their right brain, instilling seeds of natural creativity and many more virtues. If an appropriate book on arts and activity reaches to kids, what follows is amazing results.

Children too love to mess around with colors and respond favourably to various activities that they are asked to perform as kids.. They in fact have natural tendency to respond animatedly towards multitude of colours/range of activities. Smart parents of today therefore do not want to waste any opportunity to encourage their creativity. This is one of the reasons why they look for any god art lesson for kids.

Gullybaba comes with Art Lesson n Activity book that provides all-round development in children.

Arguably, Gullybaba’s Art Lesson n Activity Book is first of its kind as it provides all-round development to the kids. Some of the benefits that it brings to the kids are given below:

  • Self- expression: The book enables kids to self- express. They become able to create an identity of self with their paintings and other creative activities. Moreover, children get their creative mind activated with the help of this book.
  • Academic Performance: It may seem to be untrue initially, but this book helps activate the right brain of the kids that is responsible for all the creative activities. Once they get their right brain activated with the help of this book, they start doing fairly well in all those subjected that need creativity.
  • Confidence: One of the biggest things that this book provides the young learners is that it gives confidence to the kids. They become confident of their abilities and get a clue to capitalise on their creative abilities. They use their leisure time to hone their creative skills and soon their teacher, parents come to know about their creative marvel.
  • Visual Learning: When your kids go through the book, they will be able to visual-spatial skills. They will learn eye contact, observation and how to make drawing of an object. Children will start taking keen interest in Arts and they will excel in those activities that involve knowledge of arts.
  • It is important to know here that the above-given benefits include but not limited to the benefits that the book brings to the kids.

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