How can you Make your Kids Emotionally Expressive?

According to Sabaa Tahir, a Pakistani-American author, best known for her New York Times bestselling novel An Ember in the Ashes, “Your emotions make you human; even the unpleasant ones have a purpose.” No doubt, it is an irrefutable fact that emotion is the very characteristic feature of a human being, but it is also true that India has very dismal record when it comes to the number of children with good emotional quotient.

Those parents, whose children are not emotionally expressive, tend to beat their chests and start raising accusing fingers on their spouses. Some do start cursing their fates and start making their minds for their (emotionally deficient) children. But, this is not the reason of writing this article. I am sure, you have come here for solution, not maximizing your sufferings that may be arising out of the low emotional level of your children.
Given below are some of the tips on how to make your kids emotionally expressive:

Know about their Emotion Configuration: Mind, you need to be good at child psychology, besides being a father or mother to know about the emotional configuration of your child. Some children express their emotions in public, some in private. Some children do like to express their emotions when they get emotional outburst, whereas some become able to express their emotions when they are made to do so. Therefore, before announcing that they are bad at emotions, first be good at knowing about their emotional configuration. This is one of the most important things that you can do in order to know as to how to make your kids emotionally expressive.

Sibling Rivalry: Though most of the parents fail to reason it out, but sibling rivalry happens to be one of the most important reasons why kids tend to be emotionally deficient. If you have more than one child, sibling rivalry may be one of the reasons why one of your children is not keeping well at emotional level. If seemingly this is the case, stop pitting one of your children against the other. If you are among those parents who want to know as to how to make your kids emotionally expressive, be mindful about the sibling rivalry among your kids.

Exam Anxiety: Some children tend to get very very upset when examination approaches them. I have seen kids replying, “In this month, I have to prepare for exam”, type of answer when I smile at them or give them a cuddle. The prolonged exam fear takes a toll on their ability to express their emotions freely. Every hour of the day and every minute of the hour, they keep on thinking about examination menace. Sometimes, Parental Pressure to perform better and better and better does also wreak havoc on the emotional stability of the children. Therefore, if you are expecting too much with your kids in examination, you are probably doing much disservice to your children than good. This might be the reason why your children are not emotionally smart.

It’s Me Cards: If nothing of the above work, or seem to be the reason why your children are lagging behind other kids of their age, you need not make your minds heavy with negative thoughts about the future of your children. It’s me cards are scientifically proved, exclusively designed for emotionally dull kids. Without making any hue and cry, just present them with the pack of these cards. With your little effort, you will find your kids going on the path of Emotional Excellence. Simply put, you need not know further on how to make your kids emotionally expressive, if you have it’s me cards with you.

It’s important to know here that the above-mentioned tips include, but not limited to the tips on how to make your child emotionally expressive.