Modern Snakes & Ladders 2.0

The game Modern Snakes & Ladders is centuries’ old. This game board contains one hundred squares. There are 10 rows and 10 squares altogether. The goal of this game is to be the first player to reach square 100.
In these squares, both ladders and snakes get scattered. Ladders provide free ride to levels higher, while snakes bring the players lower in squares, resulting into lower position in game. If any player’s dice reach at the head of the snake, the player tumbles down the snake’s body to the lower level.

No doubt, this game helps its players understand the addition, subtraction and logic of a game. But, this game has evolved much, thanks to the onerous effort and R&D by the companies dealing with the kids’ products. Therefore, this game is known as Modern Snake & Ladders 2.0.

There are several benefits of this game. Some of these are given below:

  • Recognition of Good and Bad Habits: Children pick up bad habits because they do not know that these habits are “bad”. They start it innocently, imitating it from their close friend and then make it a habit. After people start reprimanding them for that bad behavior, they tend to think, “had I known that this behavior is bad, I would never have picked up at first place. This Modern Snake & Ladders 2.0 is unique in its way because it helps recognizing good and bad habits.
  • Subconscious-mind imprinting: The beauty of this game is that it makes subconscious-mind imprinting. As a player of the game, there happens a number of occasions when they ride on ladders and slip below through snake. Every ladder contains a good behavior whereas snake represents a bad one. When a child slips in position due to snake, he or she is taught that it is because of the bad behavior. Likewise, when they go up in squares, they get compliments that it is because of the good behavior. In some days, good and bad behaviors get imprinted in their subconscious mind.
  • Left Brain Activation: Left-brain activation is one of the most important benefits that Modern snake & Ladder 2.0 This game, through practice, activates left brain of the players, thereby making them good at reasoning. They ask why this particular habit is bad, or why this one is good. What will happen if they display this habit in public, why it is not good. In this way, their reasoning faculty in brain gets activated and they become able to develop a clear understanding of what is good and what is bad, apart from being good at reasoning.

This is important to note here that the above-given benefits include but not limited to the benefits of Modern snake & Ladder 2.0.

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