Stone- Paper Scissors Educational Playing Card Game

Stone Paper Scissors game is played across the globe, though with several different names and variations. This game comes into the category of edutainment because it activates the left brain of the kids playing this game. If the findings of a survey conducted recently on the advantages that this game brings are to be believed, those kids who play this game, tend to pick up logic faster than their peers. Though there is no dearth of the kids’ companies which bring this game to the kids of today, but most of them lack in devising the game in such a way that the kids could pick the game naturally, take interest in the play and be able to develop their cognitive faculties.

The advantages that the kids of today get with Stone Paper Scissors are as follows:

  • Recognition: The children above 3 years of age are trained to recognise a particular object, place, things of general knowledge, etc. The beauty of this game is that it makes kids recognise the things easily. When they pick up the learning way, within very small amount of time, they start recognising the things more comfortably and easily in comparison with their peers.
  • Logic: This game, being scientific helps the players of the game understand the logic in a subtle way. When they win for getting Stone, their thought process gets activated. They come to know the reason: Scissors cut the paper and stone smashes the scissors, In this way, they develop the logic for their win. This way, they get introduced to the world of logic. Their Logic Account gets opened. And slowly but steadily, this account gets stronger and stronger and help them excel in Maths, Science, etc.   
  • Group Interaction: Needless to say, the advent of mobile has not spared even the little learners. They too tend to get pre-occupied with the gadgets. And resultantly, they start hating group. This game is a wonderful effort to make the kids Group Guys as the playing of this game necessitates group. When kids adjust in a group, they become good in social interaction when they grow.

    It is important to know that the above-given advantages include but not limited to the advantages that the stone-paper scissors educational playing card game bring to its players.

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