Story Making is now a Play for Your Kids

Every child is creative. If you think your child is not, perhaps you do not have the eyes to see the hidden potential of your child. Gullybaba Kids has stepped forward in order to help all those parents who do not know as to how to activate the story making (hidden treasure) ability of their children.

The story-making cards have been developed scientifically to create curiosity among the children to make an entire story by just seeing one or a few cards. The moment they see an object or place or an animal for that matter, they get tempted to weave an entire story and speak to the audience there.

These cards, apart from enabling your kids to create a story (story making), do also enable them to learn the following:
  •  Common Sense

Common Sense is very important in a story. Death cannot precede birth, secondary schooling cannot precede primary classes, the night will not come before morning, parents will not be answerable to their kids, so on and so forth. Therefore, in course of narrating the story, the kids understand these important things, rather effortlessly.

  •  Right-brain Activation

Creativity lies in the right part of the human brain. Therefore, in order to be creative, the kids of today need to activate their right brain. We at Gullybaba Kids provide story cards for kids that trigger right brain activation. Our scientifically-proven cards have objects, animals, things of utilities, etc. that fit in the imagination/world of our children and make thinking of a story out of them quite easily.

  •  Wings to Imagination

With Story cards for Kids, children feel motivated to keep on building the castle of their creativity. Simply put, our cards provide wings to their creativity and help them soar higher and higher in the horizon of creativity.

These cards show pictures of objects, often captioned with relevant words. This is a good way to help your kids associate text with symbols or pictures.

Images are always attractive to children, especially if they are colorful. With a variety of flash cards at hand, they can make stories out of them.

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So How Do Flashcards for Kids Actually Help?

  • Recapitulation

Active recalling helps in activating neurons at an early stage and provides a boost in brain power. A flash card with a picture on one side and its textual description on the other side facilitates memory enhancement.

  • Active learning check

Teaching kids using flashcards can help you assess your child’s educational progress. Give your child our card and be able to know the progress of your child in school by yourself.

  • Confidence boost:

One of the greatest benefits that story master cards provide is that these cards prove to be a confidence booster for the kids. Once they become able to create a story, they self-confidence boost and thereby they become able to activate their right brain and become very creative person when they grow.

  • An outlet for imagination

    Let your kid’s imagination run free with attractive flash cards that can be used to create their own fantasy. This can also serve as a bonding exercise with their parents as they watch their children grow with a smile on their faces.

Flashcards for kids help them to improve their knowledge and ability to understand and improve visual memory.

Also, Gullybaba helps children to learn and improve knowledge & story making power

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