Play and Learn with Card Games for Kids

We all love card games; adults and kids alike. Gullybaba kids have lots of card games for Kids and adults.

Play and Learn:  Card game for kids. You can’t say no!

A card game can teach your kids more than a textbook. There are many who do and make use of it. In fact, often, card game becomes a favorite for our generation (parents) because of the exciting play that is fun and easy to learn.

Additionally, card games allow you to spend time with your kids as they thrive in the environment of interpersonal interactions.

Gullybaba Kids has come up with many Card Games, which are very attractive and Pocket-Friendly. As a Parent, you will find these the best card game for Kids— engaging as well as educational.

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These Cards Provide you the following benefits:

Dexterity and Co-ordination:

When your kids holds the card in his tiny little hands, it will increase their agility as much as a proper sports does. Moreover, playing such games will also improve their eye-hand coordination, a must-have skill to play any game.

Problem-solving skills:

Most card games help make the child able to solve a problem or to reach a goal, as almost all require you to achieve something in order to win. This helps your kid to think strategically and solve the problem.

Educational Card Games

Educational card games can prove to be the best tool for imparting education in kids. The attribute of these card games that make these get an edge over other card games is its ability to impart education and that too in fun and merriment. Simply put, with just a friendly card game for kids, they learn to recollect.


For an adult, a card game may offer nothing new, but for a kid of 7-8 years’ old, it is an opportunity to update the words they use on a normal basis while communicating.


Educational card games educate children while retaining the fun of friendly competition; as almost all of them require your kid to do basic arithmetic and pattern recognition.

Likewise, Gullybaba, the Indian Superhero, also teaches kids about Fitness, Focus, and Respect.

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Which card game is the best for Kids?

Most of the games, though fun, but can be a bit difficult for little kids. A card game that is not only flexible enough to suit children and adults alike, but is also educational, is Sequence Cards. The game requires one to match the content on the cards with that of content on board, and the one who arranges it in order, is considered the winner.

Sequence Promotes the Following:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Formation of short-term memory
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Healthy competition amongst its players

The game will provide your kids with the overall development you wish they had. Get all the cards from Gullybaba kids which are helpful for both adults and kids. Collect all the card games for kids and send us a click in the comment box.


  • Paul Brown Posted January 1, 2023 11:56 am

    Link to the past 20-30 hours? Nonsense. Even on your first playthrough not knowing where anything is MIGHT take 8-10 hours if you’re really taking your time. The game can be beat in 3-4 hours with all collectibles and you don’t need to be some masterful speed runner to manage that. I was doing it as a kid and I’m not very good at video games. It’s an amazing game but I often see it described like it’s some sort of mega epic when it’s something most average people could clear in an afternoon or two.

  • Paul Brown Posted January 4, 2023 10:48 am

    am i the only one that played “”B.O.B”” and thought it should have been number two??? (lets face it Zelda deserved to be number one all day long) or at least on the list at the very least…. i mean a robot going through all that to get his dipstick oily is just to much fun.

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